Protectli Hardware with Domotz Collector

Monitor your networks with a Domotz Collector enabled directly on a higher performance Intel Celeron-based Protectli system. Domotz network monitoring software comes pre-installed as a collector on certain Protectli hardware.

We enable IT teams to monitor and manage their networks and IT infrastructure remotely.

Our software ensures that organizations' security and operational efficiency are maintained 24/7.

Use the Protectli hardware with the Domotz collector to monitor your networks.

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Integration Domotz + Protectli Agent

checkiconMonitor All Devices in one place

Get full visibility and reliable insights on all network-based devices and IT infrastructures you manage

checkiconTrack the information you need in real-time

Identify issues and troubleshoot in real-time at the network and device level. Add alerts and be proactive

checkiconEasily Manage Networks Remotely

Use our software to connect remotely and resolve issues just like you would if you were on your customer site

checkiconAdd more security

Automatically scan networks to spot security vulnerabilities. Being informed when something changes on a device and a new one appears

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