Hudu Integration - Auto Discovery of Network Devices

As an MSP or service provider the first step in getting started on any network is to get an accurate inventory of all the devices on that network.

You can use Domotz and Hudu together for auto discovery of network devices to document all of your networks faster and in real-time.

Domotz will automatically discover all devices on a network and thanks to this integration, it will allow Hudu to read real-time data out of Domotz.

Domotz Hudu Integration - Auto Discovery of Network Devices

checkiconAuto discovery

Automatically discover, document, and structure network devices

checkiconSave time

Minimize manual tasks to document a new network and increase productivity

checkiconLess errors

Automatically upload device configurations from your switches, firewalls, and other network devices


Align data across channels to help your team build a better user experience to build trust

How the Hudu integration works for Auto Discovery of Network Devices

How the Hudu integration works for Auto Discovery of Network Devices
  • Domotz network monitoring software automatically analyzes the network and discovers all devices like model, MAC address, location, zone, software version, and IP addresses
  • A full inventory of the network can be imported directly in Hudu thanks to the integration with Domotz
  • Assets identified by Domotz are documented into specific categories on Hudu
  • Once assets are identified and analyzed by Domotz you can use Hudu to store passwords and upload documents, pictures and PDFs so that all information about each device is documented
  • All important information about devices is at your fingertips for faster and more efficient network management and troubleshooting

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