Domotz and IT Glue: automated network inventory

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with IT Glue to provide automated network inventory and device discovery features to MSPs and service providers.

The integration automatically identifies all network based assets and sends the information directly to IT Glue. Thanks to the bi-directional communication between the services, network inventories and assets documented in IT Glue can be automatically synced with Domotz too.

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Image of Domotz IT Glue logos for the automated network inventory features
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Image of the Domotz IT Glue field match for the automatic network inventory software features offered by Domotz

How the Domotz and IT Glue automated network inventory works:

  • Domotz analyzes the network and identifies all assets including device details; IP address, vendor, model, serial number, software version, MAC addresses and more
  • A full inventory of the network is provided by Domotz and sent to IT Glue or vice versa
  • Network inventory assets identified by Domotz are documented into specific categories within IT Glue
  • Documentation in IT Glue can be automatically synchronized with Domotz
    • Synchronization direction can be customized for every individual field
    • Synchronize the systems on demand or periodically on an automatic basis

Automated network inventory example on a network shown with network topology screen

The benefits of a real-time automated network inventory tool:

  • All important device information about your clients’ devices and assets at your fingertips
  • Automate the documenting of your networks and network based assets
  • Automatically keep all your systems updated with the most recent information
  • Ensure all team members are up-to-date on the changes that are being made to documentation

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