Palo Alto Firewall Monitoring

Looking for more visibility and control over the Palo Alto Firewalls you manage? Domotz can help.

Use the Domotz pre-configured SNMP templates specifically developed for Palo Alto Firewalls monitoring:

  • General/Documentation SNMP Template
  • Software Versions SNMP Template
  • Firewall Sessions SNMP Template
  • Firewall High Availability Properties SNMP Template

Apply our pre-configured SNMP templates. It’s easy and automatic. Choose those you need to simplify your monitoring activities. What’s more, you can create personalized dashboards to monitor faster and easier all the metrics of your choice.

Use the Domotz ready-to-use SNMP templates to speed up your Palo Alto Firewall monitoring.

Domotz + Palo Alto Firewall

How to monitor Palo Alto Firewalls

Monitor specific items for your Palo Alto Firewalls with our pre-configured SNMP templates.

  • General/Documentation Template will help you to extract information like serial number, and chassis type
  • Palo Alto Firewall Software Versions Template will extract software/firmware properties such as firmware/hardware version, WildFire/Antivirus version and release date, VPN client package version, and more
  • Palo Alto Firewall Sessions Template will monitor active/available sessions like active, available or maximum number of sessions
  • Palo Alto Firewall High Availability Properties Template will help you monitor HA state, HA mode, and more

Simplify firewall monitoring with Domotz.

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