Sophos Firewall Monitoring

Domotz allows you to monitor Sophos Firewall, an advanced threat protection system for your network.

Looking for more visibility and control over the Sophos firewalls you monitor?

Check the available pre-configured SNMP sensors to simplify your Sophos remote firewall monitoring.

Domotz has built ready-to-use SNMP sensor templates for Sophos firewalls. You can use them to optimize the management of multiple networks. In addition, you can use Domotz to analyze changes in the metrics you track over time and visualize their metrics in dashboards.

Secure, monitor, and control with Domotz and Sophos.

Integration + Sophos

How to monitor Sophos Firewalls

Monitor specific items for your Sophos firewalls using the following pre-configured SNMP sensors:

  • Sophos Firewall General Monitoring: Use this SNMP pre-configured sensor to extract general properties such as device model, firmware version, and system appliance key. In addition, you can also check memory/disk usage information, Webcat version, snort version, and more
  • Sophos Firewall Uptime: Use this template to monitor the uptime of your system. Thus you’ll be notified if the Sophos Firewall has been restarted for any reason
  • Sophos Firewall Policies: Monitor configuration policy properties such as policy name, connection name, and active tunnel count
  • Licenses Expiration: Monitor the various Sophos Firewall software licenses expiration

Simplify firewall monitoring with Domotz and Sophos.

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