ONVIF Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF). This open industry forum provides standardized interfaces for IP-based physical security products.

Do you want to have access to a specialized set of features for IP cameras supporting the ONVIF standard?

Use Domotz to monitor your IP-connected cameras in real time. Domotz automatically detects your connected devices and shows information about the device details. You can easily manage your camera capabilities, take a snapshot, or reboot the camera remotely.

Integration Domotz + ONVIF

checkiconReal-Time Monitoring

Get information about all your connected devices in real time

checkiconActionable Insights

Take a snapshot or start a streaming session to verify your camera

checkiconActivity Tracking

Track camera snapshots and camera streaming activities

checkiconMore Loyalty

Generate reports to provide to your customers giving them the confidence they need

How to Monitor ONVIF Camera Video Streaming Status

How to Monitor ONVIF Camera Video Streaming Status

Use Domotz to monitor the Status of video streaming on an ONVIF Camera.

Easily applying this script, you’ll be able to monitor the following information:

  • Video profile (ID)
  • Streaming status

Please note that the script has been validated and tested on ONVIF camera LI-LIN LD2222.

Find the ready-to-use custom script in our library or customize it to fit your needs.

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