Domotz and HostiFi working together

Use Domotz network monitoring software with your HostiFi cloud-hosting solutions to get comprehensive alerts for Ubiquiti UniFi devices.

You’ll get all the information you need about your Ubiquiti UniFi connected devices such as firmware version, device serial number and more. Receive instant alerts about your UniFi devices, get better diagnostics of system behaviour, and easily troubleshoot remotely.

Use Domotz and HostiFi to easily manage multiple networks and all connected devices from a central viewpoint.

Integration Domotz + Hostifi

checkiconComprehensive alerts and notifications for UniFi devices

checkiconCloud remote management for UniFi devices

checkiconComprehensive SNMP monitoring for UniFi devices

checkiconVisibility into device performance and status

Better alerts and management for UniFi devices

Ubiquiti Unifi Controller

How Domotz and HostiFi complement each other

  • Cloud connected: Domotz integrates directly with the UniFi cloud for fast and reliable remote access to all your devices
  • Comprehensive alerting: customizable alerts and notifications including email, SMS, messaging platforms and more. Know what happens with your UniFi devices before your customers do
  • Comprehensive UniFi integration: remotely monitor your UniFi devices including network switches, Wi-Fi controllers and access points, get device status alerts and access enhanced network management features for UniFi devices

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