Domotz API

Domotz Public API (RESTful) provides developers with an easy and comprehensive way to integrate third party applications.

Create your application programming interface key (API Key) to connect to the Domotz Public API. Then execute RESTful API calls against the Domotz Cloud to retrieve and manage your own account and your Domotz Agents.

Use The Domotz Public API to build your asset management tool, create and schedule your customized reports, build custom dashboard and more.

Integration Domotz API

checkiconEasy Integration

Accessible and comprehensive way to integrate third-party applications

checkiconCustomized Reports

Pick the metrics you decide to create customized reports

checkiconCustom Dashboards

Build customized and unique experience for your customers

checkiconExcellent Customer Service

Boost customer experience relying on unparalleled customer support

Key Benefits to the Domotz Public API

Portal Domotz API

Here is a list with some of the benefits of using our API:

  • Asset Management: build your own Asset Management tool retrieving the enriched list of all the online/offline devices in any single network you monitor and manage through Domotz
  • Custom Dashboards: build your own custom dashboard to show the status of all the devices monitored. Enrich it with your data to provide a truly customized and unique experience for your end customers
  • Customized Reports: create or schedule the creation of your customized reports and provide them to your customers

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