Node-RED Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Node-RED, a programming tool designed to make it easy to connect to the internet of things.

Use Node-RED as a powerful tool to customize your Domotz experience. Set up a Webhook management system using the Node-RED plugin to create custom application automation and beautiful custom dashboards. For example, you can create a customized Node-RED dashboard with Domotz APIs to display camera snapshots, Round-Trip Delay (RTD), or SNMP charts.

In addition, you can use Node-RED to automate SNMP setups. For example, you can monitor the ink levels of printers and be alerted when the ink levels fall below a defined threshold. Thanks to a Node-RED flow, you will be able to set up workflow automations based on Domotz enabled events.

Work smarter, build customer loyalty and solve problems faster than ever with Domotz and Node-RED.

Integration Domotz + Node-RED

checkiconBoost Efficiency

Customize your experience and create beautiful dashboards

checkiconImprove Performance

Set up triggers of chosen processes without user intervention

checkiconDesign Better Workflows

Automate business workflows to easily create and manage processes

checkiconEnhance Customer Loyalty

Save time and effort to build better customer loyalty

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