Okta Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Okta, an independent identity provider and access management company.

Do you need a single sign-on authentication service to access multiple applications faster and easier?

Choose the best way to have a single tool to manage your identity and access management. Configure Okta in Domotz allowing users to benefit from multi-factor authentication. Avoid multiple applications with different account details and save time and efforts.

Use Domotz and Okta integration to increase productivity, boost efficiency and improve user experience.

Integration Domotz + Okta

checkiconSave Time and Effort

Redirect access-requesting users to a single trusted identity manager

checkiconBuild Multi-layered Security

Single point of authentication with strong protection of user credentials

checkiconReduce Costs

Reduced administrative costs for maintaining account information across multiple services

checkiconImprove User Experience

Fast authentication process and one time access to multiple locations

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