OpenVPN Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with OpenVPN, a system that implements a flexible, enterprise-grade Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.

Quickly and easily connect private networks, devices and servers to build a secure way to manage your network. Use Domotz Agents as remote VPN servers without the need of subscribing to any external service.

Create a VPN directly from your Domotz agent using VPN on Demand. Virtually place your computer on the remote network to troubleshoot, upgrade systems and work more efficiently.

Secure access and network connectivity to grow your business with Domotz and OpenVPN.

Integration Domotz + OpenVPN

checkiconImprove Efficiency

Easily connect and access multiple network devices simultaneously

checkiconSecure All Data Communications

Establish protected network connectivity

checkiconSimplify Troubleshooting

Simplify network management and debug network issues

checkiconBoost Engagement

Simplify the way you serve your customers

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