Domotz + ConnectWise Manage Integration

The Domotz + ConnectWise Manage integration enables you to instantly create and updates ConnectWise Manage tickets when a specific event occurs on the networks or devices monitored through Domotz. Using Domotz and ConnectWise Manage your team will spend less time switching between tools and provide faster support to your customers.

Global Management feature

ConnectWise Manage Integration with Domotz - Image 1

ConnectWise Manage becomes a Contact Channel for Shared Alerts

Connect your Connectwise Manage Account with Domotz and it becomes one of the available Contact Channels when creating a Shared Alert. This means that Domotz creates and updates ConnectWise Service Tickets when a specific event occurs on the monitored networks or devices.

ConnectWise Manage Integration with Domotz - Image 2

Always up-to-date and Alerted

When the previous ticket is closed and a new event occurs on the same network or device, a new ticket will be opened and a reference to the previous ticket is provided. Users are also allowed to associate each Agent to one specific Company/Site and optionally to an Agreement so that every time the ticket is automatically created in ConnectWise, it flows under that specific Company, within the specified Site, and optionally the Ticket might be referred to a specified Agreement in place.

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