Domotz + Datto Autotask Integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with Datto’s Autotask Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform. Automatically create tickets in Datto Autotask PSA when any issue happens with a network or critical device you are monitoring. This integration helps MSPs quickly analyze and resolve issues with networks and devices.

The Autotask integration enables MSPs to centralize troubleshooting and improve service delivery, productivity, and customer loyalty.

Help your team spend less time switching between tools so they can provide faster support to your customers.

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Datto + Domotz: automated Ticket Creation and Updating

Automated Ticket Creation and Updating

Connect your Autotask PSA account with Domotz under Shared Alerts to receive automatic alerts for network and devices events you are monitoring.

How does the Domotz and Datto Autotask integration works?

  • Domotz alerts automatically sync to Autotask PSA, creating tickets for the specific network and device alerts
  • Tickets created in Autotask PSA contain all the needed information for troubleshooting a device or a network
  • When the ticket is closed and a new event occurs on the same network or device, a new ticket will be opened and a reference to the previous ticket is provided
  • Users can also associate each Agent to a specific account so that every time a ticket is automatically created in Autotask PSA, it flows under that specific Account
  • Generated Autotask Tickets also have a direct link to the Domotz dashboard showing the affected device or network

Configure alerts to be used within your team

Faster response time and issue tracking for MSPs

Domotz alerts automatically create tickets in Autotask PSA, as soon as something happens on a device or a network allowing MSPs to quickly analyze and resolve the issue through Domotz.

The faster your team can find out about issues, the quicker they can be resolved. Use Domotz and Datto Autotask together to improve customer satisfaction and fix issues before your customers even know about them.

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