Halo PSA integration

Identify, track and footprint devices and detect, triage and troubleshoot network and device events in real-time with the Halo PSA integration.

This is what we call efficiency and it is facilitated by Domotz and Halo PSA working together.

The Domotz network management software and Halo PSA have a powerful integration that helps you work smarter.

Thanks to the integration for documentation and device inventory you can now identify, track and footprint your assets in Halo PSA leveraging Domotz award winning technology.

Thanks to the ticketing integration, your entire process for issue detection, triage, and troubleshooting is now easier than ever.

Domotz + Halo PSA Integration

checkiconDocument assets

Accurately document all the devices on your networks

checkiconIncrease productivity

Leverage automation to save money and time

checkiconSolve faster

Action critical devices that are down in real-time

checkiconTroubleshoot intelligently

Get all the information at your fingertips

Automated device inventory and critical event tracking with Domotz and Halo PSA

Automated device inventory and critical event tracking with Domotz and Halo PSA
  • Automated device inventory and critical event tracking with Domotz and Halo PSA
  • Domotz automatically discovers and footprints all device assets on your networks and sends the information directly to Halo PSA
  • Device assets are updated in real-time to create accurate documentation which is a key component to any managed service offering
  • If an important network device you are monitoring with Domotz goes down, a ticket is automatically generated in Halo PSA
  • Halo PSA notifies your team members immediately so you can take action
  • If the device changes status (up/down) all the information is included in the ticket so you can troubleshoot with more intelligence
  • You can also define the ticket type for events from Domotz in Halo PSA

Automated closure of Halo PSA tickets

Automated closure of Halo PSA tickets

Nobody likes tickets created for no reason. They waste time and distract your teams. That’s why the Domotz and Halo PSA integration also includes automated ticket closure. You get to choose if tickets are closed automatically when the following monitored events occur:

  • Device goes up
  • Agent network goes up

Save time and work more efficiently with the Domotz and Halo PSA integration.

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