RepairShopr MSP Integration

The Domotz network monitoring software integration with the RepairShopr software for repair shops and more includes CRM, ticketing, invoicing, inventory, reporting, documentation, and marketing tools.

The Domotz RepairShopr integration enables MSPs to instantly create and update RepairShopr tickets when a specific event occurs on the networks or devices monitored through Domotz.

Monitor, manage, identify, troubleshoot, resolve and bill your customers for network and device events instantly with the Domotz RepairShopr integration. Automate business workflows to increase shop efficiency and build customer relationships. Show your customers you are proactive and solve issues quickly!

Use the Domotz and RepairShopr integration to work smarter, to work more efficiently, save time and build customer loyalty.

Domotz + RepairShopr Integration

checkiconAutomate Business Workflows

Organize and automate your tasks and make your shop more efficient

checkiconIncrease Efficiency

Easily manage repair shops and IT support businesses, invoicing, and ticketing

checkiconBetter Tracking and Troubleshooting

Monitor, manage, identify and troubleshoot tickets for network and device events

checkiconBoost User Productivity

Deliver a better experience with cross-enterprise digital workflows to better connect people, functions, and systems

Monitor network and devices event with Domotz and solve them with RepairShopr

Monitor network and devices event with Domotz and solve them with RepairShopr

Domotz and RepairShopr create a streamlined journey for solving issues with the networks and devices you are monitoring and managing:

  • When an important network device you are monitoring with Domotz goes down, a ticket is automatically generated in RepairShopr
  • Your RepairShopr ticket automation runs and notifies your team members immediately
  • The appropriate line items are added directly to your client’s invoice and you get paid when the recurring invoice runs
  • If the system detects another issue with the device, it attaches it automatically to the new ticket

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