Domotz + ServiceNow Incident Management Integration

The Domotz network monitoring software integration with the ServiceNow includes an incident management process that allows users to log incidents, classify by impact and urgency, assign to appropriate groups, escalate, report, and resolve issues with your network and devices.

The Domotz ServiceNow incident management integration aims to help MSPs and IT Professionals have better tracking and troubleshooting of network and device issues that are discovered by Domotz.

Monitor, manage, identify, troubleshoot, resolve tickets for network and device events instantly with the Domotz ServiceNow integration. Automate business operations deliver cross-enterprise digital workflows that connect people, functions, and systems to accelerate innovation, increase agility, and enhance productivity.

Use the Domotz and ServiceNow incident management tool for a faster, smarter, and more automated experience.

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Use Domotz ServiceNow incident management integration to work smarter

Monitor network and device events with Domotz and solve them with ServiceNow

Critical incident management with Domotz and ServiceNow

Domotz and ServiceNow create a streamlined journey for solving issues with the networks and devices you are monitoring and managing.

  • When an important network device you are monitoring with Domotz goes down, an incident ticket is automatically generated in ServiceNow
  • Your ServiceNow ticket automation runs and notifies your team members immediately
  • Increase revenues, while decreasing costs, by invoicing clients for network devices you didn’t have visibility into before
  • If the system detects another issue with the device, it attaches it automatically to the new ticket

Achieve new levels of user productivity and satisfaction with the incident management integration experience by Domotz and ServiceNow.

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