SquadCast integration

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with SquadCast’s incident management platform. Intelligently route alerts to the right people to minimize downtime and increase productivity. Our connection with gives you all in the information you need in a single platform. Empower your teams with an easy and automated way of capturing incident information.

Help your organization reduce the time spent resolving issues. Use the predefined templates and automated ticket creation features to improve your troubleshooting processes. Reduce first response time and give your incident management process a boost with Domotz and SquadCast working together.

Domotz + SquadCast Integration

checkiconIncrease the efficiency of your team and boost productivity

checkiconImprove your support team’s issue tracking and troubleshooting capabilities

checkiconAutomate your ticket creation process

checkiconHelp your team troubleshoot issues faster

Always up-to-date

Software Integration SquadCast

Use the Domotz and SquadCast integration to improve your troubleshooting and support process:

  • Automatically create incident tickets in SquadCast when network and device events occur
  • Notify your team members in real time when a device or the network goes down
  • Troubleshoot issues faster with all relevant device details at your team’s fingertips

Improve your team’s productivity and increase customer satisfaction with Domotz and SquadCast working together.

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