Syncro MSP Integration 2.0

Document your networks, identify devices and keep your assets updated in real-time. Identify, troubleshoot, resolve and bill your customers for network and device events instantly.

This is what we call efficiency and it is facilitated by Domotz and Syncro working together.

Document networks, identify devices and synchronize your assets across both platforms in real-time thanks to the two-way integration.

Instantly create and update Syncro PSA tickets when a specific event occurs on the networks or devices monitored through Domotz.

Domotz + Syncro Integration

checkiconAutomate your documentation process

Automatically identify all network-based assets with Domotz and send the information directly to Syncro

checkiconA real-time source of truth

Two-way automatic synchronization of devices to document and track devices in real-time and streamline asset management

checkiconTroubleshoot intelligently

Help your teams save time and work smarter through real-time network and device status updates

checkiconWork faster and build loyalty

Ticket automation to speed up processes and faster troubleshooting for customer loyalty

Automated network inventory for better documentation, footprinting your networks and keeping asset inventories updated

Automated network inventory for better documentation, footprinting your networks and keeping asset inventories updated
  • Domotz analyzes the network and identifies all assets including device details; IP address, vendor, model, serial number, software version, MAC addresses and more
  • A full inventory of the network is provided by Domotz and sent to Syncro or vice versa
  • Network inventory assets identified by Domotz are documented into specific categories within Syncro MSP
  • Documentation in Syncro MSP can be automatically synchronized with Domotz
    • Synchronization direction can be customized for every individual field
  • All important device information about your clients’ devices and assets is readily available
  • Keep all your systems updated with the most recent information and ensure all team members are up-to-date on changes

Ticketing integration for monitoring network and devices event with Domotz and solve them with Syncro

Integration with Syncro MSP Domotz

Domotz and Syncro create a streamlined journey for solving issues with the networks and devices you are monitoring and managing.

  • An important network device you are monitoring with Domotz goes down
  • A ticket is automatically generated in Syncro PSA
  • Your Syncro ticket automation runs and notifies your team members immediately
  • The appropriate line items are added directly to your client’s invoice and you get paid when the recurring invoice runs
  • The best part? When another issue is detected with the device all previous history automatically attaches to the new ticket

Automatic closure of Syncro tickets

Automatic closure of Syncro tickets

Domotz developed functionality for the Syncro PSA integration which closes Syncro tickets automatically when the following monitored events occur:

  • Device goes up
  • Agent network goes up

Domotz offers the possibility for the users to select whether the tickets will be automatically closed when possible.

Save time and troubleshoot faster with Domotz and Syncro.

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