UniFi by Ubiquiti Networks Performance Monitoring and Alerts

Remotely monitor your UniFi devices including network switches, Wi-Fi controllers and access points, get device status alerts and access enhanced network management features for certain UniFi devices.

Looking for more visibility and control over your Ubiquiti UniFi devices? Domotz is the perfect solution for UniFi performance monitoring, alerts and remote management.

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Performance Monitoring and Alerts

Why use Domotz for performance monitoring and alerts for your Ubiquiti UniFi devices?

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    Automated network mapping and device identification

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    24/7 device monitoring alerts if a device goes down or performs poorly

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    Managed switch port mapping and traffic analysis

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    Advanced performance monitoring features for Ubiquiti UniFi access points and switches

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    Remote management features: software reboots, PoE control, Remote Access to your devices

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    Integration with Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Controller

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    Plug & play software which can be set-up in minutes

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    Free 21-day trial with no credit card required

Integration with Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller devices

Integration with UniFi Controller Services

Easily connect Domotz to the UniFi Controller using your UniFi credentials for additional network management features.

Once connected to the UniFi Controller, depending on the type of device, you will be able to see additional information on your UniFi controlled devices as well as perform more actions such as software reboot, PoE control, etc.

Powerful network management features for Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Controller devices

Powerful Network Management Features for Ubiquiti UniFi Devices

Perform more actions and get additional information for certain Ubiquiti UniFi devices.

  • Reboot the device directly from the Domotz mobile and web apps
  • PoE switch power control directly from the Domotz mobile and web apps
  • Get additional information about Ubiquiti UniFi devices like firmware version, device serial number and more
  • Get performance statistics for each SSID exposed by UniFi Access Point such as connected clients’ information, radio transmission power, channel, noise level, band and more)

Advanced performance monitoring for UniFi Controllers and UniFi Access Points

Advanced Performance Monitoring for UniFi Controllers and Access Points

Domotz also includes advanced performance monitoring features for Ubiquiti UniFi Wi-Fi access points and the devices connected to them.

  • Monitor the signal strength of your UniFi access points by channel
  • Monitor signal strength of the devices connected to the access point
  • Monitor access point traffic utilization
  • Monitor Wi-Fi clients traffic utilization
  • Retrieve additional info about connected Wi-Fi clients (e.g. Operating System, Description, connected Channel and SSID, etc)

Automated device mapping and network mapping for Ubiquiti Unifi devices

Automated Device Mapping and Network Mapping for all devices - including Ubiquiti UniFi

Domotz remote network management software automatically identifies all devices on the network including Ubiquiti UniFi devices.

In addition, the software also automatically creates a network topology map which is continuously updated in real-time, so you’ll be aware if any device is ever moved or drops off the network.

Automated Monitoring for Ubiquiti UniFi network switches

Advanced Monitoring for UniFi Network Switches

With Domotz network monitoring software you will get not only the network topology map done automatically but also the possibility of PoE reboots and additional information for managed network switches including port status, upload/download traffic, lost packets and errors - all complete with historical graphs.

These features are also available for Meraki, Cisco, Juniper, Aruba-HPE. View full list of supported managed network switches.

You’ll also get additional information for managed network switches including; port status, upload/download traffic, lost packets and errors - all complete with historical graphs.

Want to learn more about using Ubiquiti UniFi Performance Monitoring features with Domotz?