Remote Network Monitoring and Management for:

IT Professionals and MSPs

Domotz provides secure, remote connectivity that allows monitoring and management of multiple network-based systems. Alerts, network performance measurements, and soft/hard-rebooting of devices are possible in an easy-to-configure and easy-to-use platform.

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Effective company-wide collaboration
Powerful alerts and notifications
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Agile Setup and Access

One person can deploy remote monitoring and management in less than 15 minutes. Automated network topology mapping and device attribute discovery make system deployment ridiculously fast.

Intelligent Reporting and Notifications

Network monitoring and alerting with general online/offline status and advanced monitoring of SNMP sensors so you get the exact information you need.

Scalable Team Management

Have one single account to manage multiple techs in multiple locations with no additional setup.

IoT Ready

Traditional monitoring systems are built for a world of servers and PCs. Your business now needs to monitor numerous connected devices with more coming online each day.

Reduce the Noise, Simplify Your Deployments

Domotz Pro gives you the exact alerts and information you actually need and will use. Robust and intelligent device and network information that really matters.

RMon Capabilities designed for IT Professionals & MSPs
Device Discovery and Management

(Multi Subnets/VLAN/Private Subnet)

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Power Management

(PDUs & Autowake)

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Network Diagnostics

(Speed Tests & Route Analysis)

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Remote Access

(HTTP(s)/rdp/ssh/telnet/TCP Tunnel)

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(Reboots/Remote Connections/Device List)

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Reports & Logging

(Reboots/Remote Connections/Device List)

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Benefits for IT Professionals & MSPs
Remote Network Monitoring
Easy to Use

No complex training required to operate Domotz. A simple interface for remote network monitoring and management that enables everyone in your organization to become a support hero.

Remote Power Management
Reduce the Noise

Domotz Pro gives you the alerts and information you actually need and use. Reduced noise and device and network information that really matters.

Flexible Remote Access
Plug & Play Deployment

No complicated setup process. Easy to install and maintain. The software includes both self-install (Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS, Raspberry Pi) and proprietary hardware installation options.

Automated Network Mapping
Save Costs

Extremely affordable monthly or annual licensing with no device limits or hidden upcharges.

Access Networks Logo Case Study: Access Networks

“By leveraging Domotz as a back-end support tool, they have created frontend value for the integrator, and they are able to scale beyond what they could before.”

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Alvarez Technology Group Logo Case Study: Alvarez Technology Group

“Proactive monitoring of these network-based systems is a great way for any MSP to extend their business services using Domotz.”

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