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New Land Solutions

How New Land Solutions uses Domotz to remotely access and configure devices, to prevent disasters and safely land helicopters.

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The Problem

New Land Solutions was looking for a new solution to provide remote services. The company had previously tested and installed many different brands of monitoring software, but found that none were efficient and reliable enough to deploy on a large scale. The software often went down without notice or stopped working without cause. New Land Solutions was also looking to expand its business and offer more products and services at a lower price point. This meant they need- ed a more affordable and scalable network monitoring solution.

The Solution

New Land Solutions chose Domotz to power their concierge support service called The Digital Butler. They decided to choose Domotz network monitoring software because it was reliable and affordable. Because of its low monthly cost, Domotz would enable New Land Solutions to build a profitable Digi- tal Support offer for more customer segments. New Land Solutions now powers each home automation installation they complete with the Domotz network monitoring software.


The New Land Solutions team even ships new devices and equipment to the customer’s home in advance; and wait to receive an alert from Domotz when the new device has been connected on the network. The team can then remotely access the device to perform set-up and configurations without needing to visit the customer’s home.

“Domotz has kept us out of jail more than 1 time.”

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“We would not have been able to attack new customer markets with the existing monitoring solutions available prior to discovering Domotz.”

Luke Newland, Director of New Land Solutions

The Results

Domotz has saved the team at New Land Solutions lots of time, money and many headaches. The company has an important customer that lives over 5 hours from their offices. Thus, any actions that can be completed remotely without needing to visit the premises are a blessing.

Money & Time Saved

From rebooting skyboxes to configuring and setting up new devices, New Land Solutions saves being able to perform key troubleshooting actions from remote.

Expansion & Growth

New Land Solutions can expand their service offerings and offer more flexible tiered price points on managed services, because Domotz is affordable enough to be scalable.

Disaster Prevention & Security

New Land Solutions can offer new services related to smart home security because of Domotz's'reliable and comprehensive features.

Helping Pilots Land Helicopters

A helicopter pilot could not land because of severe fog & the security camera was down. We used Domotz to reset the power remotely and the pilot was able to safely land.

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