Boutique distributor cuts the ribbon in New Zealand

Three IoT and wireless-oriented devices on offer from new distributor

There's a new distributor in town in the form of HX Systems offering a trio of IoT-oriented devices to retail partners and business-to-business.

Established in January, HX Systems is owned by Horatio Marx, who previously founded significant wireless ISP businesses in South Africa.

HX Systems in New Zealand offers technologies that enable households, SME’s and corporates to be more secure, efficient and profitable, the company says.

Founder Marx told Reseller News the company has no ambitions to be a WISP here, however, he would be interested in providing training and certifications to help wireless ISPs here compete with fibre.

As a distributor, however, HX is currently offering a trio of products that can be used for a range of applications and help integrate physical security control (e.g. alarm systems) with cyber security.

These include Fingbox, a plug and play home network security device that identifies devices in a network and can continuously watch network activity and take action when needed.

Users can monitor and manage their network, for parental control or to detect intruders to a network for example, from a free Fing App for Android, iOS or from a browser. They can analyse bandwidth and monitor usage, block devices, troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems and check on an ISP’s reliability.

A business-focused version called Domotz is available to help manage networks in distributed branch office or retail environments

GSM Commander is a programmable device that can both monitor a remote site and control and measure activity there. Based on 3G technology and using SMS, there is no need for an internet connection or high bandwidth.

Antennas are available to boost the signal to more than 50km in range.

The device, which comes with setup software, can open and close gates, control irrigation systems or monitor remote telco sites or other installations for security purposes.

Finally, Noke is a hardware and software lock system for access control and asset tracking. It can be used to eliminate and control keys and combinations.

A Noke lock can be opened from a smartphone using a secure Bluetooth connection or from an assigned fob.

HX Systems is building its local channel and is already selling some products via PB Tech and Go Wireless. It is also talking to telcos, professional IT companies and ISPs, said director of business development and strategy Peter Grogan.

A web portal allows activity to be managed and analysed.

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