Comparing Control4 BakPak, Domotz, Ihiji and SnapAV OvrC Pro

OneVision Resources' new 'Insider's Guide to Remote Systems Management' provides in-depth comparison of Control4’s BakPak, Domotz, Ihiji, and SnapAV’s OvrC Pro

For any integrator having trouble deciphering which remote systems management (RSM) offering is best for their business, OneVision Resources is coming to the rescue with the release of its in-depth guide to RSM, aptly named The Insider’s Guide to Remote Systems Management. A first of its kind, OneVision’s guide aims to bring clarity to this rapidly eolving category, which includes platforms like Control4’s BakPak, Domotz, Ihiji, and SnapAV’s OvrC Pro.

"The market for RSM has grown significantly in recent years," says OneVision’s founder Joseph Kolchinsky. "However, we speak with integrators all the time who have selected an RSM platform but are still struggling to use it effectively, while many others are stuck at square one, not sure how to select the right platform for their business."

Through an easy-to-follow framework, the ebook portion of this guide analyzes over 50 features that define a modern RSM platform, providing key insights on the impacts each feature can have in improving the client experience and driving operational efficiency. The service experts at OneVision also include Insider Tips on how best to leverage select features within your organization. Some examples of the guide’s feature analysis include:

  • Setup and Administration – Exploring how the various RSM platforms streamline the initial deployment and ongoing management of monitored sites as well as the commissioning and management of users
  • Organization – Discussing how the overall UI of RSM platforms will impact a user’s efficiency
  • Monitoring – Dissecting how the various types of device and service integrations an RSM platform offers will impact your efficiency and client experience
  • Troubleshooting – Reviewing the various tools provided by RSM platforms to aid in solving more problems in less time.

Matrix Comparision Chart

This comprehensive ebook is accompanied by the RSM Master Feature Matrix, an online comparison tool readers can use to evaluate how the major RSM manufacturers approach the features analyzed in the ebook.

OneVision is proud to have had full manufacturer participation in the creation of this matrix, ensuring 100 percent accuracy in the results. The company plans to continually update the RSM Master Feature Matrix as RSM manufacturers expand their platform to include new features.

"The goal of this resource is not to convince the reader which platform is best, but to arm them with all the information they need to make that decision confidently on their own." — Joseph Kolchinsky, OneVision Resources.

"When we first set out to do this analysis, our plan was to do the full feature analysis in-house. It didn’t take long for us to recognize how truly difficult it is for an end-user to compare all these platforms side-by-side," says Kolchinsky. "We knew that to get a fully accurate view of the landscape we needed manufacturer participation. And we are deeply appreciative of their help in this process."

OneVision hopes the guide will play an important role in increasing the overall adoption of RSM across the industry, raising the overall client experience provided by the custom installation channel.

"We hear from integrators all the time who understand that RSM is important and that they are interested in leveraging it in their business, but who simply don’t feel like they have enough information to make an informed decision or to properly implement the platform they’ve already chosen," says Kolchinsky. "The goal of this resource is not to convince the reader which platform is best, but to arm them with all the information they need to make that decision confidently on their own."

No matter the size and makeup of an integrator’s business, OneVision believes that effective service strategies have never been more important.

"Everything we do here at OneVision is centered on the theory that exceptional service is the single best way to differentiate your company," says Kolchinsky. "And leveraging RSM is an absolutely indispensible part of this strategy."

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