Domotz announces integration with IT Glue which brings two way automatic synchronization of devices to streamline asset management

MSPs can now document networks faster and more efficiently thanks to Domotz automatically discovering all devices and bi-directionally syncing them with IT Glue

DRAPER, UTAH, April 06, 2021 (PRWEB) -- Domotz, the provider of a cost-effective network monitoring, inventory and management system for MSPs, integrators and service providers today announced a new integration with IT Glue, a Kaseya company and the industry standard for IT documentation, for automated discovery and management of network based assets.

This integration streamlines the process of documenting networks and enables MSPs to discover and keep track of their device inventories more accurately. Through automation, Domotz discovers and identifies all devices and assets on a network and sends all details directly to IT Glue.

Thanks to the bi-directional synchronization between the services, networks that are already documented in IT Glue can be automatically synced with Domotz. In addition, if a device is edited in IT Glue, users can choose to reflect those changes within Domotz.

"Domotz and IT Glue share a vision of enabling MSP teams to automate manual work and deliver more efficient services to their end users," said Nadir Merchant, Manager of IT Glue. "The integration between Domotz and IT Glue allows IT professionals to effectively document networks in less time, increasing productivity and providing a more accurate view of their IT environment."

"We’re super excited about the integration between Domotz and IT Glue because it enables our users to document new networks faster and more efficiently without having to waste time entering device details manually, which is cumbersome and leads to errors," said J.B. Fowler, CPO of Domotz. "Our innovative approach to this integration allows MSPs to work smarter by keeping better, up-to-date and more accurate records of their devices across both platforms."

Domotz IT Glue integration snapshot:

  • Domotz scans the network and gathers all details about all devices including: make, model and type, MAC address, vendor, location, zone, software version, IP address and automatically sends all asset details directly to IT Glue.
  • Thanks to the innovative bi-directional communication between IT Glue and Domotz, users can edit device details in IT Glue and sync those changes to Domotz.
  • Assets already documented in IT Glue can be synchronized directly with Domotz.
  • Users of the integration also have the flexibility to choose which data fields to sync and whether information flows from - Domotz to IT Glue, or from IT Glue to Domotz and whether this is done automatically or manually.

The new IT Glue integration joins more than 50 other integrations already available on Domotz, including Hudu, ConnectWise, Syncro, Datto Autotask and many more.

Learn more about configuring the Domotz IT Glue integration.

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