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Unlimited Devices
WAN Connectivity Monitoring
Security Camera ONVIF Integration
External IP Host monitoring
Device Latency Monitoring
Excel Integration for Import/Export
Intruder Alerts
Any Type of Device Status Monitoring
Multiple VLAN Support
Automated Managed Switch port mapping
Network Switch Traffic Monitoring

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Team Management
Starting at $25 per month

Your first additional user is free. Our Team Management Add On allows you to provide controlled account access to your team. You can choose bundles of 5 to add to your Domotz configuration. You will be billed $25 per month for every increment of 5 user accounts.

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Certified Integration Package
$10 per month per enabled site

Improve your team's efficiency and workflow, unlock your Domotz data, automate ticketing and alert processes, and stay focused with the Domotz Certified Integration Package. Leverage the power of native integrations with ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask PSA, Syncro and more.

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Domotz Box
Easy Plug and Play Setup

A free Domotz software for Windows, Linux PC/Servers or NAS drives can be downloaded directly from the Domotz portal when you have hosting hardware on site. For a hassle-free installation of the Domotz service, you can rely on our network hardware preinstalled with the Domotz Agent.

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Commonly asked questions

  • Domotz requires one single software (called Domotz Agent) to be installed on an existing hardware of the local network to be monitored. You can use either a PC/Server, a NAS drive, a maker board or the Domotz Box. This software will be able to scan and monitor all the devices on that entire entire local network.
  • One Domotz Agent includes monitoring for an unlimited number of devices. With a single Domotz Agent you can monitor an entire management network with a /22 netmask, tens of additional VLANs and multiple Layer 3 additional subnets. You can also monitor tens of external IP addresses/hostnames.
  • How much does it really cost? keyboard_arrow_right
    Domotz includes a very easy-to-understand subscription pricing model where you only pay $19/month for the configured Domotz Agent: each Domotz Agent sufficient to monitor one entire network. If you are planning to share access to your colleagues, for each additional user you will pay $5/month (in bundle of 5 users). There are no hidden costs and you can monitor and manage all of the devices on your network using one single Domotz Agent.
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