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How an Oil and Gas company uses Domotz as an RMM solution to support hundreds of sites across the state of Texas

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The Problem

We have been in the oil/gas business, out in West Texas, for over 30 years. As the industry and our customer’s needs have evolved, we have evolved along with them. For the longest time, this industry was extremely light on technology, then, almost over night, it exploded into the 21st century. When that happened, almost everything became data heavy and a lot of our customers (as well as ourselves) were not properly setup to utilize all this new information/technology that came flooding in. We have hundreds of sites scattered over 1000+ square miles, it was impossible to have a technician available to monitor equipment at every location, all the time.

The Solution

With a constantly evolving platform like Domotz, we are able to save considerable time and money. When you look at other RMM platforms that are available, you will sometimes see astronomical pricing structures along with such a bewildering feature set that most people will never truly understand or even have a need for. While being able to properly monitor industry specific equipment typically requires special hardware/software, the backbone of all that relies on staying connected. Everything from simple ping tests, snmp polling of routers/switches all the way through actual remote access to servers is needed on a day to day basis. I need something that works, works well, and is easy to bring new people into - Domotz offered this exact solution.


We had a customer that was having connectivity issues. Their ISP was claiming it was customer hardware which was causing the problem. With help from Domotz, we were able to document, from multiple angles, that it was in fact an external problem. While this was not part of our official SLA, our customer was thrilled that we could provide them with historical data and reporting to show where the connection issues were.

“I need something that works, works well, and is easy to bring new people into - Domotz offered this exact solution.”

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“An RMM solution like Domotz is a 100% must have. Unless you have the staff available to place a tech at every location, all the time, then a centralized dashboard is a life saver. Domotz will save you money and it will allow you to better serve your customers. Everybody wins. ”

John Baker, Network and Security Engineer

The Results

Unlike a few years ago, we are able to keep a real-time, digital eye on all our customer’s important equipment. We are also able to, sometimes, catch a problem at the early stages and start to roll out a solution before a critical piece of hardware goes down. Which really makes us look good when we are able to reach out to a customer and let them know what is happening before their workflow breaks down or they have to fire off a ticket.

Improved customer satisfaction
Saved time and truck rolls
Simplified client onboarding and setup
Decreased issue resolution time

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