SNA Displays

Using Domotz for proactive monitoring and rapid response to support digital signage and innovative LED video displays.


The sales team at SNA Displays knows that rapid response and proactive monitoring are critical elements of their message as to why SNA Displays is the right choice for those in the market for a large-format LED video display. A service-based solution that easily scales is integral to delivering on those promises. Domotz’s automatic discovery of all devices associated with the network they are deploying and the templating functions, allows for quick set-up and system maintenance. The prompt alerts on system sensors and network status yields exceptional value to the SNAPros™, enabling the rapid response.

“Each SNA Displays deployment includes a Domotz agent as part of the total solution, allowing the SNAPros™ team to act quickly and respond to any technical issue that arises.”

In this Case Study:

  1. Transforming Service into a Sales Solution
  2. Efficiency in operations
  3. Delivering an amazing digital signage solution
  4. A digital world that never sleeps

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