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Easily and securely control who has access to your client networks.

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Your first additional user is free. Our Team Management add-on allows you to provide controlled account access to your team. You can choose bundles of 5 to add to your Domotz Pro configuration. You will be billed $25 per month for every increment of 5 user accounts.

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Team Management Add-On How it works:

  • A Team Master is responsible for the administration multiple networks, can create and remove Team Members, buy and extend licenses, share an Agent with external users, and has full feature access to Domotz.
  • Create Team Members to have access to all Domotz Pro Agents (Sites or Networks).
  • Create Field Operators and allow them to access specific Domotz Pro Agents (Sites or Networks).
  • Any user in your Team will have their own set of login/credentials, individualized alerts and preferred devices to be monitored or alerted. You manage the team, so that you can remove or change their capabilities in case something changes in your company structure.

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