Case Study | Enhancing Network Management Efficiency through Domotz

Alvarez Technology Group, a leading managed service provider focused on delivering technology solutions that enhance operational efficiency, partnered with Domotz to transform their network management capabilities.

With a comprehensive suite of services aimed at optimizing IT performance, Alvarez Technology Group faced unique challenges in managing and monitoring their extensive client networks efficiently.

This case study explores how Domotz provided the tools necessary for Alvarez to streamline processes, improve service quality, and enhance client satisfaction.

Alvarez Tech Group Case Study
About the client
About the client

Alvarez Technology Group is a prominent managed service provider based in California.

They help small businesses, banks, and local governments build networks, voice systems, and security/access control systems. The group excels in providing comprehensive IT support and solutions, focusing on proactive management, cybersecurity, and strategic technology planning. The company is a trusted partner for businesses navigating the complexities of the digital era. They leverage cutting-edge technology to ensure their clients not only meet but exceed their operational objectives.

As California adopted laws that allowed for the sale and use of Medical Marijuana and eventually allowed recreational use, there was an opportunity for Alvarez Technology to take advantage of the requirements put onto the newly formed Cannabis Industry.

The Challenge
The Challenge

In short, there were regulations in place that required documentation and monitoring of cannabis from “seed-to-smoke.” As part of this regulation, security cameras must cover every square foot of the cannabis manufacturing facility and retail shops. As part of this regulation, these cameras must be running 24/7, always be recording, and retain the information for 90 or more days. At any point, an auditor can check that these facilities are being monitored, and if any camera is offline or not functioning, the facility can lose its cannabis license. Therefore, monitoring cameras are of exceptionally high value for the business.

The primary challenge Alvarez Technology Group faced was the need for a robust, scalable solution to monitor and manage numerous network devices distributed across multiple client sites.

The existing tools were not only costly but also lacked the comprehensive features required for effective network management. Alvarez needed a solution providing real-time insights, proactive alerts, and a unified platform for managing all client networks quickly and efficiently.

The Solutiion
The Solution

Alvarez Technology Group has taken advantage of some of the critical features within Domotz and used them to their advantage. By leveraging the primary network monitoring functionality, they get immediate status when a camera goes offline. A ticket is automatically generated so their team can track the situation. Because of the high-priority nature of these cameras, the team can remotely log into the network using the Domotz Dashboard to validate if the camera is still offline and issue a power cycle through the managed switch or PDU as appropriate. If the camera comes back online, using Domotz, they can validate the functionality by looking at the streaming image from the camera and then closing the ticket as appropriate. The actions taken by the team at Alvarez Technology Group are logged and recorded for auditing purposes.

Domotz's capabilities include remote monitoring and management of any IP-connected device, automated network topology mapping, and secure remote access. These features allowed Alvarez to enhance their service delivery by reducing downtime and addressing potential issues before they impact client operations. Domotz emerged as the ideal solution for Alvarez Technology Group, offering a powerful yet cost-effective network management platform.

“Proactive monitoring of these network-based systems is a great way for any MSP to extend their business services using Domotz.”


Check white icon Increased
Automated processes and centralized monitoring saved time and reduced manual efforts
Check white icon Enhanced Service
Real-monitoring and proactive troubleshooting improved overall network uptime and client satisfaction
Check white icon Building a
Better Report
Advanced reporting features which ensure clients receive comprehensive and up-to-date information about their systems
Check white icon Scalable
The scalable nature of Domotz allowed Alvarez to expand their service offerings as their client base grew easily

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