Case Study | Making Service Scalable with Domotz

Select Voice & Data caters to government, education, enterprise, SMBs, and medical businesses that require hosted voice and network services.

Specializing in providing VoIP solutions, broadband, leased lines, and managed IT services, the company faced significant challenges in managing diverse client needs and maintaining high service standards.

This case study explores how Domotz’s tools helped streamline their operations, boost customer satisfaction, and improve response times.

About the client
About the client

Select Voice & Data offers specialized telecommunications and IT management services, including VoIP, broadband, and leased lines, primarily targeting SMEs.

Known for their reliability and efficiency, they provide tailor-made solutions that integrate seamlessly into various business operations.

Their commitment to delivering effective and timely services has made them a trusted partner in the competitive tech services market.

The Challenge
The Challenge

Select Voice & Data’s primary challenge was the lack of a unified tool to manage and monitor all their deployed devices and services efficiently. For smaller businesses and education, hosted voice services are generally easy to set up, but as the systems scale, the requirements for the network become more demanding.

Managed switches and backup networks become crucial when dealing with services that can be considered mission-critical for any business. As these networks become more complex, customers are generally less aware of the ramifications of moving offices, or taking a “phone” from their desk and plugging it into another desk. This led to potential service disruptions and customer dissatisfaction, driving the need for an innovative solution that could provide comprehensive visibility and control over their infrastructure.

The Solutiion
The Solution

The company leverages Domotz to immediately understand when a phone is “disconnected” and when it appears, even if it was plugged into the wrong port. This issue was nearly eliminated through Domotz’s ability to monitor and immediately alert on changes in the system.

By setting up active alerting on the phone LAN, the team gets a notification when a phone is removed, or disconnected, from the network. What makes their job that much easier now, is when the phone reappears on the network, a second notification occurs. If the phone appears on the wrong network, the team can remotely log into the main switch, and resolve the port LAN or VLAN issue, enabling the phone to be on the correct network. This all happened within a matter of minutes and no onsite visit was ever needed.

“Through Domotz, the SV&D team has been able to respond quickly to customer problems, without the need for on-site visits. Furthermore, proactive monitoring reduced phone calls from customers by allowing SV&D to resolve issues before the problem was even noticed.”
Bill Padersen
Select Voice & Data Owner


Check white icon Response
Quick identification and resolution of issues before they impacted clients, thanks to automated alerts and remote troubleshooting capabilities
Check white icon Customer
Reliable and continuous monitoring led to fewer service disruptions and a noticeable improvement in customer service ratings
Check white icon Operational
Streamlined operations with centralized device and network management, reducing the time and resources spent on routine maintenance
Check white icon Scalable
Ability to easily add new clients and devices without compromising service quality, supported by Domotz’s scalable infrastructure

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