Virtual machine monitoring to retrieve more information from your devices

Domotz offers virtual machine monitoring to retrieve more information from your VM device. Our virtual machine monitoring enables you to collect the valuable information you need.

Retrieve the following information with our virtual machine monitoring:

  • VName of the VM
  • Power Status
  • Guest Full Name and OS
  • Memory Size
  • Virtual CPUs (number)
  • Ethernet Cards attached to the VM (number)
  • Virtual Disks attached to the VM (number)
  • Path Name for the VM disk
  • UUID
  • Boot-Time

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Virtual Machines Device Details

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Virtual Machines Monitoring

With a few clicks, you can monitor multiple virtual machines across your customer sites from a single monitoring dashboard. You can customize your monitoring dashboard for virtual machines with the information you need.

Our customizable Monitoring Dashboards for virtual machines let you choose the information you need to see in the format that works for you. Read more about setting up our virtual machine monitoring feature.

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