WatchGuard Integration - WatchGuard Firewall Configuration Backup

As an MSP, you already know how important it is to backup your networks but are you backing up your networks firewall configurations?

If you aren’t - now is the time to start backing up your firewall configuration too.

Domotz network monitoring software also includes powerful network configuration management features for firewalls including WatchGuard.

Learn more about all the firewalls we support for network configuration management.

Domotz WatchGuard Integration - WatchGuardFirewall Configuration Backup


Ensure critical components of your network infrastructure like WatchGuard firewalls are backed up

checkiconBusiness Continuity

Ensure network performance through backups because no network means no operations and lost revenue

checkiconMinimize downtime

If an error occurs, get things up and running as quickly as possible


Automate processes and easily manage configurations and alerts

How WatchGuard Firewall Configuration Backup works

How WatchGuard Firewall Configuration Backup works
  • Automatically back-up your WatchGuard firewall configurations using Domotz
  • Manually back-up specific configurations
  • Compare across different versions
  • Get alerted if something changes
  • Get notified if a running configuration is different from the saved one
  • Restore previous saved configurations
  • Upload and update the device with a new configuration

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