WatchGuard Monitoring

Domotz network monitoring software integrates with WatchGuard, a network security vendor provider.

Looking for more visibility and control over the WatchGuard firewalls you monitor? Domotz can help.

Use the available pre-configured SNMP templates to simplify your WatchGuard remote firewall monitoring.

Domotz has built ready-to-use SNMP templates for WatchGuard firewalls. You can use them to optimize the management of multiple networks. In addition, you can use Domotz to analyze changes in the metrics you track over time and visualize their metrics in dashboards.

Proactively monitor your WatchGuard devices with Domotz.

Integration Domotz + WatchGuard

checkiconImprove Automation

Automate processes and easily manage configurations and alerts

checkiconSave Time

Get alerted instantly about system issues to avoid real problems

checkiconBoost Performance

Improve overall performance and efficiency using pre-configured SNMP templates

checkiconDetect Issues

Keep track of general server properties to ensure the health of your system and detect issues in advance

How our WatchGuard Monitoring works

Monitor specific items for your WatchGuard firewalls using the following pre-configured SNMP templates:

  • Firewall General Monitoring will help you extract general properties like CPU utilization, available memory, or currently active connections
  • Cluster Information Monitoring use this specific template to monitor information about your members
  • Firewall Policies Monitoring will allow monitoring of the following properties: discarded packets rate, logging, tunnels rate, traffic, and more
  • General VPN Information Monitoring to monitor General VPN information such as total VPN entries, and total Inbound/outbound IPsec packets rate
  • VPN Tunnels Monitoring to monitor the current active VPN Tunnels: local IP address, remote IP address, and inbound/outbound traffic rate

Simplify firewall monitoring with Domotz and WatchGuard.

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