ConnectWise PSA Integration

The Domotz + ConnectWise PSA integration enables you to instantly create and updates ConnectWise PSA tickets when a specific event occurs on the networks or devices monitored through Domotz.

Using Domotz and ConnectWise PSA your team will spend less time switching between tools and provide faster support to your customers.

Domotz + ConnectWise PSA Integration

checkiconIncrease productivity and efficiency

Reduce manual work for and rely on valuable communication between members of the staff to grow satisfied customers

checkiconImprove internal communication

Better use of IT resources and clear lines of internal communication for your teams

checkiconBuild customer satisfaction

Increase customer service experience by providing the functionality of improving staff accountability and offering a more efficient way to interact with your teams

checkiconBoost service delivery

See all the connected devices in the network and quickly identify and correct issues that can undermine performance and lead to outages

ConnectWise PSA becomes a Contact Channel for Shared Alerts

ConnectWise PSA becomes a Contact Channel for Shared Alerts

Connect your Connectwise PSA Account with Domotz and it becomes one of the available Contact Channels when creating a Shared Alert.

This means that Domotz creates and updates ConnectWise Service Tickets when a specific event occurs on the monitored networks or devices.

Thanks to the improved integration with ConnectWise, our software can seamlessly correlate each device-related ticket to the appropriate “configuration.” This feature facilitates faster incident response and resolution, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

Always up-to-date and Alerted

ConnectWise PSA Always up-to-date and Alerted

When the previous ticket is closed and a new event occurs on the same network or device, a new ticket will be opened and a reference to the previous ticket is provided.

Users are also allowed to associate each Collector to one specific Company/Site and optionally to an Agreement so that every time the ticket is automatically created in ConnectWise, it flows under that specific Company, within the specified Site, and optionally the Ticket might be referred to a specified Agreement in place.

Automatic closure of ConnectWise PSA tickets

Domotz developed functionality for the Connectwise PSA integration, which closes tickets automatically when the following monitored events occur:

  • Device goes up
  • Agent network goes up

Domotz offers the possibility for the users to select whether the tickets will be automatically closed when possible.

Save time and troubleshoot faster with Domotz and ConnectWise PSA.

Automated network inventory for better documentation, footprinting your networks and keeping asset inventories updated

ConnectWise PSA MSP documentation

Domotz conducts a comprehensive analysis of the network, quickly identifying all assets, including device details such as IP address, vendor, model, serial number, software version, and MAC addresses, among other key specifications.

The detailed inventory compiled by Domotz is seamlessly transferred to ConnectWise PSA, or vice versa, facilitating a streamlined integration process.

Customization is at the heart of this synchronization process, allowing the direction of data exchange to be tailored for each individual field. This flexibility ensures that all vital device information related to your clients’ devices and assets remains easily accessible.

Effortlessly maintain the most recent information across all your systems.

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