Monitoring Ruckus Devices - Traffic monitoring, SNMP and alerts

Remotely monitor and manage your Ruckus devices including Ruckus access points and controller devices. Using Domotz network monitoring software you can get device status alerts, SNMP monitoring features, traffic analysis features and access enhanced network management features for Ruckus devices including WiFi access points and Ruckus controllers.

Looking for more visibility and control over your Ruckus network infrastructure devices? Domotz is the perfect vendor agnostic solution to remotely monitor and manage your Ruckus devices.

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 Ruckus Device Monitoring - Traffic Monitoring, SNMP

Powerful network monitoring for Ruckus Access Points and Controllers

Packed with traffic monitoring, SNMP and remote management features for Ruckus devices

Why use Domotz for performance monitoring and alerts for your Ruckus devices?

  • Automated network mapping and device identification
  • 24/7 device monitoring alerts if a device goes up/down
  • Managed switch port mapping
  • Advanced performance monitoring features: CPU, memory, bandwidth usage
  • Remote management features: software reboots, PoE control, traffic monitoring and analysis
  • SNMP / TCP service monitoring
  • Radio information: details about the status, the available channels, the radio type, RX/TX data
  • Plug & play software which can be set-up in minutes
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Ruckus Device Monitoring - Monitoring Ruckus Access Points

Monitoring Ruckus Access Points

Domotz can be connected to Ruckus Access points to enable additional network and device performance monitoring features:

  • Get information about CPU, memory, bandwidth usage
  • Get devices details including device IP settings, IP type
  • Get radio information about the status, the available channels, the radio type, RX/TX data
  • Reboot information about the number of total reboots, the reboot reason
  • Ruckus access point client information your including List of Wi-Fi clients connected to the AP and their signal level indicator
  • See the Wi-Fi clients connected to the AP including RSSI signal levels

Ruckus Device Monitoring - Monitoring Ruckus Controllers

Monitoring Ruckus Controllers

Domotz also enables you to get additional information about Ruckus controllers if they are on your network. Get information about Ruckus Controllers including CPU usage, Network, Radio Properties as well as view all its Managed Devices.

Remote Monitoring and Management

The benefits of vendor agnostic remote monitoring and management

Domotz monitors all your network infrastructure and any device from firewalls and access points to IP cameras, no matter the brand or manufacturer. This means you can use Domotz software for monitoring Ruckus access points on one network, Cisco Meraki on another and Ubiquiti on a different one. The software provides a central monitoring system regardless of the brand of manufacturer you are using.

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