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Do you need to monitor multiple locations worldwide? Domotz has the solution for you! Monitor and manage all your distributed IT Infrastructures with one centralized interface. Monitor real-time, critical information about your locations by leveraging our powerful features.

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Easily monitor the key performance indicators

Monitoring Dashboard
  • Device Response Time Monitoring: a simple way to verify if all your sites are working correctly and are connected to your central system. Have statistics on the connectivity of each of your remote sites against a central system (e.g. booking platforms, payroll tool, VOiP systems, etc). Each location will periodically ping the central system and you will be able to identify increases or anomalies in Round Trip Delays and Packet Loss
  • Customizable Monitoring Dashboard: aggregate all the delay statistics from the different sites in one simple-to-read table

checkiconMulti-Tenanted Interface

A Multi-tenanted interface to manage multiple networks at multiple locations

checkiconRemote Connection

Increase efficiency and save costs by preventing onsite visits from your IT staff

checkiconThousands of Integrations

Rely on thousands of integrations to seamlessly integrate with your IT stack

checkiconPlug & Play

No complicated setup process: easy to install and maintain

Advanced monitoring features for global retail players

Global Retail Monitoring with Domotz

The retail sector evolved over the past ten years to embrace the digital transformation. Today, the global retail companies turned into complex technological platforms to stay competitive in a modern, always-connected world. Today’s retail experience involves having physical stores and digital outlets. The need to monitor and manage systems remotely to ensure that all connected devices across all the different locations are working correctly, is paramount to maintain efficiency, safety, and scalability.

Network monitoring software like Domotz are indispensable tools to prevent issues before they occur or solve problems rapidly before they escalate into disasters.

Domotz can help you with full network visibility and proactive monitoring

Sites Explorer Historical Ping Range
  • Full Network Visibility: rely on Customized Monitoring Dashboards so you can keep the critical information under control. For example, monitor the connectivity of all your distributed sites. Identify connection delays or packet losses by simply opening your monitoring table. Group or sort by RTD and discover the slowest sites so you can investigate and troubleshoot remotely
  • Proactive Monitoring through Alerts: configure alerts to receive notifications if an event occurs. For instance, Domotz helps you discover if certain thresholds based on Packet Loss percentage or median RTD metrics are breached using the Device Response Time feature. With this feature you can:
    • See the median threshold of the chosen site in milliseconds
    • Get notifications when there is an increase in the latency of a given site
    • Understand if the issue is in the internal LAN or on the WAN connecting the remote site
  • Identify Trends and Patterns: easily monitor the connectivity of all your sites everywhere in the world. Rapidly detect issues to prevent real problems and keep things running smoothly

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