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Smartopia loves how quickly and easily they can deploy a remote monitoring and management system in order to improve client care with proactive issue detection and prevention.

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The Problem

Smartopia is a managed service provider serving the residential market with their customers consuming content in homes with complex computer networks and/or home automation and control systems like Control 4 or Savant. Smartopia offers a variety of services, from secure network installation, monitoring and management, to smart technology consulting and managed services, so the team needed a reliable solution provides support to integrators and their customers.

The Solution

With a goal of provide outstanding troubleshooting and customer support, Smartopia was able to utilize Domotz to connect to customer systems remotely and better understand their issues. The Smartopia team gets alerts when issues arise and is able to fix problems before their customers even know they exist. Since installing Domotz on their clients networks, they've seen improvements in workflow, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Win-win!


Multiple clients have had issues with an ISP in the area and continuing speed/disconnection issues. With Domotz, we have been able to work with the provider to help diagnose issues and take this off the customer’s plate. It also allows us to address those small issues before they become more complex.

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“Domotz saves us time and money by not always having to solve issues onsite.”

Anthony Chang, COO

The Results

Domotz allows us to take immediate action when something needs to be addressed. It allows us to understand key issues when they arise, put together a plan to fix the issues, then inform the client of what needs to be done (or has been done). It allows us to proactively address issues instead of having a client inform us that something is not working. It helps us reduce client frustration when those issues arise, especially because we often know before them when an issue pops up.

Improved customer satisfaction
Saved time and truck rolls
Simplified client onboarding and setup
Decreased issue resolution time

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