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Modern IT Monitoring

Domotz provides unparalleled visibility of digital assets and data flows, empowering its users with mission-critical knowledge and actionable insights from their digital networks

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Take a look inside!

A unified dashboard, advanced features, thousands of integrations: all you need to monitor and manage any network and IT infrastructure remotely

We are a SaaS company operating in the network monitoring space and serving customers in more than 190 countries.

Domotz offers a powerful network monitoring software for MSPs, System Integrators, IT and Security Professionals.

Our award-winning software has integrated features such as network configuration management, versioning and backup, network topology map, integrations with PSA, documentation and ticketing systems.


Cloud-based network monitoring software that’s packed with all the features you need

InventoryInventory & Asset Identification

Leverage our network inventory capabilities to:

  • Automatically detect and associate your devices with the port of Managed Switches to which they are connected.
  • Gain full visibility of the IT networks and infrastructures with real-time automated discovery and identification of devices and their attributes.
  • Document and track devices in real-time with your preferred PSA, documentation, or productivity tools.
  • Visualize and organize all your customer sites from our Inventory dashboard.
  • Take actionable insights on all network-based devices and IT infrastructures you manage.
  • Increase efficiency by discovering and correcting issues on devices before they get worse.
  • Scale fast and grow your business.

ManagementManagement & Maintenance

Leverage Domotz's powerful management features to:

  • Perform Network Configuration Management, Versioning, and Backup.
  • Secure Remote Connections to solve issues without rolling a truck.
  • Efficiently control PDUs, and PoE switches with our remote power management feature.
  • Gain access to any device in the network with embedded secure remote connection for Web Services (HTTP, HTTPS), VPN on Demand, Remote Desktop (RDP), and Console Access.
  • Customized Automation for scalability and ease of management/maintenance.
  • Seamlessly integrate with thousands of devices.
  • Search for any specific device or network in your account and multi-select to edit settings and properties.

MonitoringMonitoring & Visibility

Use our powerful network monitoring software to:

  • Automatically plot the endpoints and the topology of the networks you manage.
  • Troubleshoot issues at the network and device levels in real-time.
  • Pre-configured & Customizable Scripts for deeper monitoring of any device/sensor.
  • Take advantage of SNMP monitoring, device response time monitoring, device statistics, TCP service monitoring, and special integrations to be on top of every device that matters to you and get alerted when a problem occurs.
  • Monitor any Endpoint on your networks.
  • Enhance your software tool stack with thousands of software integrations.
  • Use WAN and LAN performance, statistics, metrics, alerts, and graphs to ensure the infrastructure you manage performs at its best.
  • Customized Dynamic Dashboarding to see any device/sensor you want.

SecuritySecurity & Awareness

Improve security with Domotz network monitoring software:

  • A Domotz agent automatically scans the network, looking for device changes, and can alert you when new devices appear.
  • IT teams can ensure that networks remain secure and that cybersecurity threats are neutralized with an advanced, real-time alerting system.
  • External port scanning and device TCP port scanning to help bring awareness to potential network vulnerabilities.
  • We can help you satisfy the CIS Critical Security Controls.
  • Identity Access and Management integrations for 2FA and SSO/SAML are available, ensuring secure access to your systems.
  • Back up and restore network configurations for switches, firewalls, and access points and get alerts about changes.
  • Continuous monitoring for open ports on devices potentially causing vulnerabilities on the network.

Scale your business with fully automated network monitoring software for fast and easy deployment.

Leverage thousands of Integrations with the tools you already use and rely on hassle-free maintenance over time.

All the features you need to succeed at the most affordable price on the market.

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Domotz is an award-winning monitoring and management software that can help companies of any size scale their IT operations across all industries


Thousands of software and hardware integrations, deeper insights, and data can be extracted or pushed to the tools that MSPs and IT Professionals use daily


We’ve been recognized by multiple software review platforms as an industry leader in network monitoring software

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Automation, streamlined operations and business risk prevention in a remote world are just some of the benefits of using Domotz.

Our customers around the world rely on our affordable, easy-to-use software to simplify the complexity of monitoring networks.

With cutting-edge network discovery capabilities and real-time diagnostics, monitoring and management, Domotz is an unparalleled tool to monitor any network in real time, from anywhere.

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