Monitoring Templates

Get the right support in your daily monitoring and managing activities.

Create your own tailor-made experience with ready-to-use monitoring templates.

Easily apply our templates to create personalized tables to monitor Pre-configured SNMP templates and OS sensors, or use Domotz custom scripts to extract more information from devices, monitor cloud services, and even applications running on devices.

Pre-configured SNMP templates

Monitoring Dashboards Pre-configured SNMP Tables

Monitor faster and easier by using Domotz Pre-configured monitoring templates. Our ready-to-use monitoring templates let you automatically extract crucial information via SNMP, such as:

  • Network Interfaces
  • Hard Disks and Volumes
  • UPS
  • Printer Supplies
  • Fans and Power Supplies

No need to waste time configuring your own monitoring templates. Ours is ready and waiting for you! Monitor metrics and KPIs instantly with our monitoring templates.

Automation & Custom Scripts list

Our Automation and custom scripts enable you to monitor the services and systems you require.

For more information on monitoring the above applications, please visit our examples library.

You can use the custom scripts as they are or customize them to fit your needs.

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