Server Monitoring and Management

Unlock effective server monitoring and management solutions with Domotz.

We’ll help you manage your servers and server controllers quickly.

  • Discovery and Inventory: Domotz will automatically discover and create an inventory of all devices on your network, including servers
  • Servers Status Monitoring: Domotz can monitor the health and performance of the servers you manage, including disk status, space, and more, to prevent service disruptions
  • Check Certificates for Validity: Domotz can monitor the expiration of SSL certificates on a list of websites and hosts
  • Manage Servers Remotely: Domotz can remotely connect to Hosts and Servers, allowing you to respond to issues and proactive maintenance rapidly
  • Get full visibility: Domotz provides you with numerous custom scripts for servers. You can find them in our library or customize them according to your network monitoring needs

Domotz monitors servers, databases and servers, and server hardware controllers such as Kubernetes, iDRAC, HPE iLO, Supermicro, and XClarity.

Check our full list of Server hardware controllers, Databases and servers, and Server monitoring platforms.

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