Configuration Monitoring

As a managed service provider, backing up and restoring your critical network infrastructure devices like firewalls, access points, and switches, is a key component of disaster prevention as well as your cyber security methodology. At the same time, most service providers struggle to find an affordable network configuration management solution.

Don't worry, Domotz has you covered with our comprehensive network configuration management features for critical network infrastructure devices. Our network configuration management features are readily available on leading firewalls, access, and switches, enabling you to securely backup and restore configurations in seconds.

Prevent disasters, get alerted about security risks, minimize downtime and so much more with Domotz network configuration management features.

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Benefits of Network Configuration Management

Compare and Restore Automatic Backup
  • Prevent Disasters: back up your switches, firewalls, and access points systematically to be prepared in case a disaster or attack occurs
  • Detect Threats: get notified of configuration changes that can indicate cyber threats
  • Minimize Downtime: if something goes wrong, get things back up and running instantly
  • Save time: automatically backup configurations to save time and resources using automation

Supported Network Infrastructure for Configuration Management

Compare and Restore Other Backup

We support network configuration management on the following switches, firewalls, access points, and network infrastructure devices. We're adding more month over month, so watch this space.

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Network Configuration Management Features

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  • Automatic Backup: automatically schedule backups for switches, firewalls, and access points, or manually backup on demand
  • Change history: compare the current running configuration with the saved and previous versions
  • Device updates: update and deploy device updates from the Domotz dashboard
  • Alerts and notifications: receive alerts for network configuration changes and notifications for differences between running and saved configurations
  • Compliance & Auditing: implement procedures for configuration management on critical network infrastructure for compliance and auditing purposes
  • Remote Management: manage the network configuration remotely from one single pane of glass

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