Switches, Firewalls, and Access Points Monitoring

Are you looking for more visibility and control over your switches, firewalls, and access points? Domotz can help!

We offer:

  • Automated Port Mapping
  • PoE Management
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Backup and Restore Network Configuration
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Wi-Fi Advanced Monitoring
  • Remote Power Management
  • And much more depending on the device type, brand, and model

With a centralized and easy-to-use interface, Domotz simplifies network monitoring and provides MSPs and IT professionals with powerful software to increase operational efficiency.

Switches, Firewalls, and Access Points Monitoring Inventory

Monitoring Switches

Use Domotz to proactively monitor your switch port availability, health, and performance with our built-in features.

  • Automated Switch Port Mapping to detect and associate the devices with the port to which they’re connected and get individual information about each switch port, such as max throughput, current upload, and download rate.
  • Network Configuration Management to automatically backup and restore configurations for your critical network infrastructure devices.
  • SNMP Monitoring with available ready-to-use pre-configured SNMP templates to extract additional information about your switches, such as serial number or firmware version, CPU/memory usage, hard disk size/usage, and more.
  • PoE Management to control individual ports on your managed network switches.
  • Remote Power Management to power switches on or off and reboot them remotely.

View the complete list of managed network switches.

Monitoring Firewalls

Use the Domotz built-in features to better manage your firewalls.

  • Configuration Management: to easily backup and restore your firewall configurations and restore them anytime. You can automatically backup, compare different versions of configuration files, or restore and upload configurations.
  • SNMP Monitoring: with numerous ready-to-use SNMP templates for your firewalls. As a result, you can easily monitor specific items like firmware/hardware version, VPN client, remote IP address, and more.
  • Automated Mapping: to provide a real-time map of all your connected devices.

Check out our dedicated pages for FortiGate, Sophos, Palo Alto, and WatchGuard, or learn more about all the firewalls we support.

Monitoring Access Points

Monitoring Access Points

Get simple, hassle-free monitoring of Wi-Fi access points, including all Wi-Fi-connected clients.

  • Network Mapping: Get a real-time map of all connected clients and gather other diagnostic information, such as signal strength, noise level, channels, and much more, depending on the specific brand/model.
  • Remote Power Management: Monitor and power-cycle Wi-Fi Access Points remotely.

Domotz supports major brands for this integration, such as Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti UniFi, Ruckus, and more.

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