Network and device templating to deploy new sites and systems rapidly

Domotz offers you advanced templating functionality to easily create and configure network and device templates and use them across all your sites and systems.

We offer two functionalities to deploy network and device templates rapidly:

  • Pre-configured SNMP sensors templates
  • Export and import device details

No tedious configuration processes or complicated instructions to follow when templating your networks, devices, sites and systems.

Network and Device Templating

Pre-configured SNMP sensors for network and device templating

Create your own monitoring tables using our ready-to-use monitoring templates.

Apply our Pre-configured SNMP sensors to devices like printers, UPS, NAS, and switches.

  • Use monitoring templates to automatically extract information via SNMP, such as UPS, hard disc and volumes, or printer supplies.
  • Create personalized tables to monitor Pre-configured SNMP and OS sensors

In addition, you can use Domotz to extract more information from devices and monitor cloud services and applications such as Kubernetes, FreeBSD, Apache, pfSense, and Redis.

Import/export for network and device templating

Domotz allows you to access data and export device-specific details from a network agent to Microsoft Excel. Next, you can quickly edit the data in Excel and import it back to Domotz.

How to use the Import/Export functionality:

  • Easily export device list details to Excel
  • Quickly modify device properties
  • Import device properties back in a single click

Easily manage mass updates and edits with the Domotz Import/Export functionality. Save time and improve data management to get a better insight into your networks.

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