Network Monitoring & Alerts

Stay in the know and be alerted when vital network and device events occur.

Receive real-time notifications on issues within your network or devices. Our alerts are seamless to configure, easy to use, and continually improving.

Network and device alerts include device status (online/offline), pre-configured SNMP-sensor monitoring, device configuration change/misalignment, TCP-service monitoring, network performance, OS monitoring, custom integration monitoring, and much more.

Our network and device alerts offer:

  • A seamless alerting engine
  • Comprehensive alerting variables
  • Security and sensor alerts
  • Integrations with 3rd party systems
Network Monitoring Alerts

Device Alerts

Device Alert Events

Device Alert Events:

  • Device Status changes (Online/Offline/Heartbeat)
  • Device IP changes
  • Switch/Firewall/Wifi AP Configuration changes/misalignment
  • Any type of device sensor:
    • SNMP-based
    • SSH-based
    • WINRM/WMI-based
    • Custom sensors (with the Custom Drivers or Custom Pre-configured SNMP sensors)

Network Alerts

Network Alert Events

Network Alert Events:

  • New Discovered Devices
  • Internet Connection Lost/Recovered, and Speed
  • Ports Open on Public Internet WAN side
  • Internet Public WAN IP Changes
  • Custom Sensors (with Custom integration Drivers or Custom Pre-configured SNMP sensors)

Alerts on New Devices and Security Events

Shared Alert

We also monitor security-related events. Get alerts when new devices join your networks instantly. This unique feature of our network monitoring software helps you detect intruders and unauthorized devices.

Access port-based monitoring on your gateway to bring awareness to network security vulnerabilities.

Alerts on Sensors

Configure new alert

We alert on sensor variables within Domotz. Alerting on sensors includes pre-configured SNMP templates, OS sensors, and custom scripts.

Receive an alert on a specific Contact Channel if a metric you monitor breaches a certain threshold. Even receive a different alert on a different Contact Channel if a metric breaches a different threshold.

Our alerting feature offers excellent flexibility in creating alerts for the metrics you care about.

Right now, we support alerts on sensors for:

Alerting Integrations with 3rd party tools

Configure Alerts

Domotz delivers network and device event alerts by email, mobile push notifications, and many contact channels and PSA systems with automatic ticket generation.

Our alerts integrate with many 3rd party tools and services, including Autotask PSA, ConnectWise Manage, Kaseya BMS, RepairShopr, ServiceNow, Syncro, FreshService, FreshDesk, Q360, Zendesk, HaloPSA, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, etc.

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