Network Monitoring & Alerts

Stay in the know and be alerted when important events occur on your monitored networks.

Set up your Domotz Alerts to receive real-time notifications on issues and on custom events that may occur in your network or on your network devices. These include device status (online/offline), SNMP-sensor monitoring, device configuration change/misalignment, TCP-service monitoring, network performance, and much more.

In addition, Domotz also monitors security-related events, allowing you to get alerts on new devices which join your networks, and at the same time port-based monitoring on your gateway to bring awareness to network security vulnerabilities. Domotz allows you to deliver these events by email, mobile push notifications, and many contact channels and PSA Systems with the automatic ticket generation.

Alert integrations with many 3rd party tools, including: Autotask PSA, ConnectWise Manage, Kaseya BMS, RepairShopr, ServiceNow, Syncro, FreshService, FreshDesk, Q360, Zendesk, HaloPSA, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, etc.

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