Network Monitoring & Alerts

Stay in the know and be alerted when important events occur on your monitored networks.

With Network Monitoring and Alerts you can receive notifications for events like: Connection Lost/Recovered, New Device Discovery Alerts, Security issues Alerts, and Alert setting for Network Performance trigger thresholds.

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Network Monitoring Alerts feature

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Device Monitoring Alerts

Domotz monitors all IP devices on any network regardless of the brand. Device status is checked every 30 seconds. Any device status changes are reported to the cloud and are visible via the Domotz mobile and web apps in real time.

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Intruder or New Device Alerts

Get real-time alerts when a new device joins the network. Detect intruders and identify network security threats.

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Network Status Alerts

Receive alerts when the internet connection has gone down, i.e. the Domotz Agent loses contact with the Domotz Cloud.

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