Remote Network Monitoring and Management for:

Franchises & SMBs

Managing multiple locations and sites is difficult and costly. Domotz helps your critical networks and infrastructure stay online with 24/7 monitoring and secure remote access.

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Plug and play setup
Unified and intuitive interface
Centralized remote network access
How Domotz RMM can benefit Franchises & SMBs:
Flexible UI

Multi-site dashboard utility to manage all your locations easily. Connect to systems and devices remotely to better understand problems.

Remote Access

Prevent onsite visits from staff and IT professionals through our powerful network and device access capabilities.

24/7 Monitoring

Keep track of key network devices and infrastructure that are business critical and have high financial impacts if they go offline.

Secure Access and Data Storage

Domotz has adopted the latest administrative, physical, and technical industry-standards (including encryption, firewalls, and SSL) to safeguard the security of our services and to protect your confidentiality.

Multiple remote locations effectively monitored and managed.

Utilize one interface to manage multiple networks at multiple locations anywhere in the World. Access all your managed devices from a single easy to use online dashboard.

RMM capabilities designed for Small Businesses and Franchises
Device Discovery and Management

(Multi Subnets/VLAN/Private Subnet)

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Power Management

(PDUs & Autowake)

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Network Diagnostics

(Speed Tests & Route Analysis)

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Remote Access

(HTTP(s)/rdp/ssh/telnet/TCP Tunnel)

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(Network Performance & New Devices)

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Reports & Logging

(Reboots/Remote Connections/Device List)

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Remote Network Monitoring
Easy to Use

No complex training required to operate Domotz. A simple interface for remote network monitoring and management that enables everyone in your organization to become a support hero.

Remote Power Management
Reduce the Noise

Domotz Pro gives you the alerts and information you actually need and use. Reduced noise and device and network information that really matters.

Flexible Remote Access
Plug & Play Deployment

No complicated setup process. Easy to install and maintain. The software includes both self-install (Synology, QNAP, ReadyNAS, Raspberry Pi) and proprietary hardware installation options.

Automated Network Mapping
Save Costs

Extremely affordable monthly or annual licensing with no device limits or hidden upcharges.

Case Study: Production Lift

“An RMM solution like Domotz is a 100% must have. Unless you have the staff available to place a tech at every location, all the time, then a centralized dashboard is a life saver. Domotz will save you money and it will allow you to better serve your customers. Everybody wins.”

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