Install Domotz on Synology, QNAP, Raspberry Pi, Windows VM or Linux.

Installing your Domotz Agent

To monitor and manage remote networks, Domotz needs a device running on the network 24/7. We call these “Domotz Agents”. You can install a software Agent or you can purchase turnkey hardware.

Install a Domotz agent on Microsoft Windows, a NAS, a Raspberry Pi or Debian Linux. Sign up to download.

Installing Domotz on Windows Virtual Machine - Remote Access


Free download for Windows - the easy way to install Domotz on any Windows OS.

Installing a Domotz Agent for Remote Network Monitoring and Endpoint Management

Domotz Box

Domotz Box is the premium, plug & play solution for any network. The recommended way to install Domotz and a must-have for professionals!

Synology NAS - Remote Access


Learn how to get started with the Domotz Agent on your Synology.

QNAP Nas - Remote Access


Learn how to get started with the Domotz Agent on your QNAP.

Raspberry Pi - Remote Access

Raspberry Pi

An affordable, easy way to install Domotz on any network.

NETGEAR ReadyNAS - Remote Access


Learn how to install a Domotz Agent on NETGEAR.

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Get a turnkey Domotz Box Now available on Amazon!

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