Domotz + Freshservice Integration

Simplify your team's customer support process with the Freshservice and Domotz integration. Automatically create tickets when an issue happens with any network or critical device you are monitoring. Domotz also updates your Freshservice tickets in real-time, depending on the status of the issue.

Improve your MSP customer support process with the Domotz and Freshservice integration

To help your MSP improve it's customer support processes, Domotz RMM tool for monitoring the network and all IoT devices now integrates with Freshservice IT service desk software.

Use the Freshservice IT service desk integration to improve your MSP service desk, deliver outstanding customer support and action critical client network and device issues in real-time.

Freshservice Integration with Domotz - PSA and Ticketing

Faster customer support and critical issue tracking for MSPs

Connect your Freshservice account with Domotz under Shared Alerts so your MSP business can start actioning network and device issues immediately.

Domotz will automatically create and update your Freshservice tickets when a specific network or device event occurs.

For example, if a specific device goes down that you are watching, Domotz will automatically create a Freshservice IT service desk ticket.

Improve your MSP customer support processes by actioning critical issues and events faster and more efficiently.

Freshservice Integration with Domotz - Image 2

Real-time updating of network and device issues

Tickets are automatically updated by Domotz too. For example, if a device goes down and then goes up, Domotz will automatically update the Freshservice ticket.

In addition, with the Freshservice integration, if a previous ticket is closed and a new event occurs with the same device, the new ticket will also reference the previous ticket.

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