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Our Software gives you the big picture, visibility and control you need to own the network and all related processes. Be more competitive, increase productivity, cut costs, prevent disasters, troubleshoot with intelligence, complete your cybersecurity offer.

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Cloud-based network monitoring software that’s packed with all the features you need

Monitor & Manage unlimited endpoints
Unlimited Endpoints icon

Unlimited Endpoints

Monitor all your devices with no limits in terms of number or type, across multiple VLANs and subnets.

Customized Monitoring Dashboards icon

Customized Monitoring Dashboards

Group, sort, filter and visualize your devices in customized dashboards. Monitor, in real-time, your device’s properties, SNMP sensors and more.

Multiple VLAN Support icon

Multiple VLAN Support

Domotz offers support for monitoring /22 subnets and multi-VLANS at no extra charge. Start monitoring multiple, Layer-2 VLANs, at no extra charge.

External IP Host Monitoring icon

External IP Host Monitoring

Monitor all IP-connected devices regardless of brand or manufacturer, external devices, host servers or services anywhere on the web.

Additional Subnet Monitoring icon

Additional Subnet Monitoring

Monitor Layer-3 subnets across VPN-connected LANs, modems and/or routers with additional subnet monitoring.

Wi-Fi Access Point Integration icon

Wi-Fi Access Point Integration

Get simple, hassle-free monitoring of Wi-Fi access points, including all the Wi-Fi connected clients.

Advanced Hardware Integration icon

Advanced Hardware Integration

Get even more details on networked hardware. Through specialized drivers, gain information about non-networked protocols such as Zigbee, Cresnet and more.

Historical Data Aggregation icon

Historical Data Aggregation

Historical data for network and device performance recorded and logged for reporting and debugging.

Advanced Network Reporting icon

Advanced Network Reporting

Get reporting on data like network and device performance, user activity logging, and much more in an automated, or on demand, monthly report.

Custom Drivers icon

Custom Drivers

Create scripts to use on devices to retrieve additional device data in the format of your choice.

Configuration Backup and Versioning icon

Configuration Backup and Versioning

Easily backup and restore configurations of a number of networking devices and get alerted if something changes.

Automate with Real-Time inventory
Automated Device Attribute Discover icon

Automated Device Attribute Discover

Automatically discover details for each device on your network(s), including make, model, type, and more.

Workstation and Server Inventory icon

Workstation and Server Inventory

Get full details for every workstation and server on your network, including OS details, disk information and more.

Automated Managed Switch Port Mapping icon

Automated Managed Switch Port Mapping

Get information about port status, devices attached, network port traffic, lost packets and errors - all with historical graphs.

Multi-tenant inventory icon

Multi-tenant Inventory

Search and access the devices and systems you manage across all your agents in one, easy to use view.

Scale Fast and grow your Business
Integrations with major 3rd-party software/hardware icon

Integrations with major 3rd-party software/hardware

Over 500 software and hardware integrations that MSPs and IT Professionals use everyday.

Reporting & Analysis with major BI Platforms icon

Reporting & Analysis with major BI Platforms

Create a custom network monitoring dashboards. Analyze and transform raw data into beautiful charts and graphs.

Custom Dashboard & Automation icon

Custom Dashboard & Automation

Leverage powerful integrations using Domotz APIs/Webhooks for customized dashboards and automation.

Easy deployment on different architectures icon

Easy deployment on different architectures

Easy "Plug & Play" solution: fast deployment on any network. Command line deployments are made easy through Domotz APIs.

Webhooks icon


Use Webhooks to trigger events in 3rd party cloud services and application, allowing for automation, reporting and dashboarding.

Multi-tenant Management icon

Multi-tenant Management

Allow IT administrators to monitor and manage multiple endpoints from one centralized software.

Customer Management and Reports icon

Customer Management and Reports

Provide key details about your client’s network(s) in a custom branded, monthly report directly to your client.

Templating of networks and devices for rapid deployment icon

Templating of networks and devices for rapid deployment

Easily create and configure networks and devices to be used as templates across all your networks and systems.

Boost your Cybersecurity value proposition
Two-Factor Authentication icon

Two-Factor Authentication

Activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account, monitor the 2FA status, and force 2FA for your Team Members.

SSO/SAML Authentication icon

SSO/SAML Authentication

Enable SSO/SAML Authentication to let you and your team take advantage of your company’s Identity Provider.

New Device Discovery and Classification icon

New Device Discovery and Classification

Get real-time alerts every time a new device joins your network, allowing identification of potential network security threats.

Continuous Port Monitoring icon

Continuous Port Monitoring

Continuous monitoring for standard, open ports on devices potentially causing vulnerabilities on the network.

Collaboration - (Secure Network sharing to trusted users) icon

Collaboration - (Secure Network sharing to trusted users)

Invite Team Members from different Teams/Organizations to collaborate on a specific Agent(s).

Audit logging and report icon

Audit Logging and Report

Keep track of major events performed by your team and create reports for you and your customers.

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