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It's easy to deploy our powerful remote monitoring and management system in 15 minutes. Even non-technical staff can use the system with little to no training.

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Create an Account

Take network monitoring and management to the next level with remote power management and reporting features built for businesses like yours. Sign up today and get 21 days free, no credit card required!

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“Domotz is by far and away the most comprehensive tool for remote systems management available, and still relatively inexpensive. It’s one of those tools that makes me think ‘how did we ever get by without this?!’”

Add an Agent:

Two simple options to add a Domotz Agent to the network and get started!

Download & Install Software (Free)

Login and download a Windows or Linux agent to existing hardware including Netgear, QNAP, Synology NAS, and Raspberry Pi devices or Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu and Debian Linux operating systems.

Purchase Our Box

For an easy plug-and-play experience, purchase our network hardware preinstalled with The Domotz Pro Platform. Your agent will always stay updated with the latest software version automatically.

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Get Domotz Pro for Mobile

Our mobile app is the best way to use Domotz when you’re on the go. With instant syncing across devices and custom push notifications, you won’t miss a thing!


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